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Create and manage your own custom WOD's, broadcast real time workout results and give coaches instant access to athlete workout history.

LogsItAll's unique workout and programming management system lets you develop workouts in advance and then track athlete workouts and access performance history quickly and easily.

  • No account setup fee and instant member roster importing
  • Organize your workouts into "books" for easy re-use and organization
  • Optimized for CrossFit but flexible enough to accommodate any training style or programming (in any language)
  • Easy to use for coaches and athletes
  • Integrates with nearly any website (wordpress, squarespace, etc.)
  • Display or project real time workout results (virtual whiteboard) automatically
  • Data entry by coaches or athletes via mobile phones, tablets or desktops
  • Awesome customer service
  • Flexible! We can accommodate nearly any style or type of programming
  • Perfect for new gyms, boxes or affiliates - we can grow with you and our system is forward compatible with most front desk management systems

Coaching Page

Your coaches can enter workout results, view real time WOD team results, look up member workout histories and more.

Athlete Portal

Your athletes can log onto their logsitall portal and review their own performance record, compare their performance with others from your box for that day's WOD, chart their performance and more. LogsItAll support WOD lookup and logging from iPads, iPhone, tablets and nearly any mobile device. Log WOD's from anywhere, anytime.

Custom Whiteboard Solutions

LogsItAll can power athlete rankings, realtime WOD feeds and more.

Custom Branding

Add your own logo and colors to your athlete portal - giving your athletes a branded experience

Website Integration

We can interface with your WordPress, SquareSpace, Blogger and more. Need a single sign on or custom integration? We can help.

MindBody Online and FrontDeskHQ

LogsItAll can communicate directly with FrontDesk and MBO to automatically sync your team rosters.

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Contact us for more info: bill.patton@logsitall.com

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