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Workout Log Book - track CrossFit, custom workouts and more.

500,000+ workouts logged since 2007. Mobile, iPhone and iPad friendly.

Log workouts online - optimized for CrossFit, run, row, swim and more...

Why buy an iPhone app or use a paper log? With LogsItAll you can quickly record all CrossFit workouts, Wendler 531, Run, Row, custom workouts and more. LogsItAll is optimized for mobile and works perfectly on iPhone and Android devices. Since 2007 we've logged over 500,000 workouts from thousands of members all around the world!

LogsItAll subscribers can also create custom workouts - create your own activities, your own workout collections, measures and more.

Online workout logging made easy!

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See it in action!

Demo Site - Example integrations

Can you demonstrate progress to your clients?

Research has shown that logging workouts and visualizing progress increases retention and results. LogsItAll can help you do this for your members quickly and easily - improving your retention rates and client satisfaction.

LogsItAll offers simple to use and quick to set up CrossFit affiliate member management software. We build a custom portal for your members and set up an iPad friendly member management page your trainers can use to quickly enter and score CF workouts (plus your own custom ones). With instant member import we can get you up and running quickly! Looking for a custom solution? Maybe you don't do main board workouts, or maybe you offer training beyond standard CrossFit. We specialize in custom member management solutions.
  • New! Digital Clipboard - instantly score CF workouts, review client progress, manage your team WOD's and more...
  • Mind Body Online integration (currently in Beta) - sync your MBO class list with LogsItAll to quickly record workout results
  • Wordpress integration - single register and sign on (integration services priced separately)
  • Custom logsitall website
  • Team portal page
  • Performance tracking and analysis
  • Custom workout and WOD
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Dynamic team leader/white boards
  • Powering, CrossFit RJL and many more...
  • Since 2007!

See it in action!

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Personal trainers can use logsitall to host their own custom training programs and then deliver them through a branded portal. Earn money from your workout programs! Currently powering Sealfit, SealGrinderPT and more.
See how SealFit uses LogsItAll to deliver workout series to their members

  • Weight lifting
  • Wendler 531
  • Olympic Lifts
  • Run Tracker
  • Rowing
  • Swim
  • Cycle
  • Tabata
  • Convict Conditioning
  • Body weight
  • Blood Glucose
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Anxiety Levels
  • Cigarette Use
  • Rucking
  • Military Testing
  • SimpleFit

From sleep tracking to custom workouts to custom training series, we specialize in developing online logging, ranking and tracking web applications for your team, organization or product.

  • Trainers: Build your own training series
  • Manufacturers: Log workouts on your own equipment
  • Health Clubs: Build your own online logbook and challenge portal
  • Teams: Build your own team logbook for tracking team workouts
  • Schools: Build your own school wide workout and challenge portal
  • Individual Subscribers: Create your own ideal logging tool - customize logsitall to work the way you want it to with your own activity, measures, menus and workout collections!

Basic (Free)

Our free membership delivers powerful mobile friendly performance logging for 65+ activities, training calendar and basic ranking access all for free! Track your workouts, organize your data and reach your goals.



LogsItAll subscribers enjoy all the basic benefits plus the ability to create their own workout plans, integrate external calendar feeds, full ranking access and technical support. $14.95/year.

CrossFit Affiliates and Gyms

The LogsItAll affiliate program offers a powerful member management platform for tracking client workouts, powering athlete rankings and creating powerful loyalty and retention among your members. Starting at $250/year per location.

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers can now have a branded mobile friendly way to deliver structured workout content to clients anywhere in the world! Contact us to learn more.

  Basic Premium Affiliate Trainers
Audience Individuals Individuals Business Business
Performance Logging Yes Yes Yes Yes
iPhone/Android app Free web app
browse and go
Free web app Branded web app Branded web app
Performance Charting First 15 workouts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Excel Export No Yes Yes Yes
Athlete Ranking First Page Unlimited Virtual Whiteboard Widgets, rankings and more...
CrossFit Compatible Yes
Log all CF workouts and compare your scores
with thousands of others from around the world
Yes Yes Yes
Custom Branding No No Yes - add your own logo and colors Yes - add your own logo, colors and content
WOD (workout) Management No Yes - build your own Yes - WOD widgets Yes - WOD widgets
MBO Integration No No
Team Manager No No Yes
Enter workouts quickly for teams
Enter workouts quickly for clients
Workout Management No No No Yes
Create training plans and deliver via custom
logsitall website. Monetize and manage.
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Clients Include

  • CrossFit Run Jump Lift
  • SheFit (Australia)
  • CrossFit Diamond
  • Kettlebell Fitness
  • and many more...

What our users have to say

I Love it! Nicely done. It's so fast and set up more "intuitively". I wouldn't change a thing. Again, I will pay any subscription price necessary to keep this going. Please don't ever shut this site down.

I am very grateful for logsitall, having lost 2 notebooks. It's fantastic. Have recommended it to everyone I know.

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